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We Are Immigrants,
Just Like You!

We are committed to providing an honest legal immigration service in defense of your rights.
We serve clients from around the world and we have flexible payment options for any required procedure:

Ícono - Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense

Ícono - Citizenship


Ícono - Work Permit

Work Permit

Ícono - Humanitarian Benefits

Humanitarian Benefits

Ícono - Family Petition

Family Petition

Ícono - Visa U - Visa VAWA

Visa U - Visa VAWA

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Abogado Vernal Farnum Mejía
inmigration lawyers

Vernal Farnum Mejía

Our commitment is to provide you with an honest, supportive and efficient service, always committed to obtaining the best result in your immigration process.

Defending the union of your family is our priority; Therefore, we will always exhaust all the resources that the law gives us to defend you from deportation and help you obtain your immigration stability in the United States of America.

Call us today to make an evaluation of your case!
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Looking for Legal and/or Immigration Advice?

Offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston & Austin.


7929 Brookriver Dr. Suite 540, Dallas, TX 75247

Fort Worth

2001 Beach St Suite #225, Fort Worth, TX 76103


10333 Harwin Dr. Suite 580, Houston, TX 77036


13809 Research Blvd Suite 755 Austin Tx 78750
Mon. to Fri: 9 am a 6 pm
Sat: 10 am a 4 pm
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